Corporate Governance

Innlanz is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. The Company’s mission is to be a premium supplier of quality health, well-being and skincare supplements to local and international visitors while adhering to strict protocols for safety and protecting the environment, its customers and shareholders.

Innlanz’s Corporate Governance Statement can be located here.

The Board has established 2 committees: the Audit, Risk & Governance and Remuneration & Nomination Committees to assist with discharging its duties. Both Committees operate under a Board approved charter which details their respective roles and responsibilities. The Committee charters can be found at:

*   Audit, Risk & Governance Committee Charter
*   Remunerations & Nominations Charter

The primary role of each committee is to make recommendations to the Board on matters set out in their charters. The membership and structure of each committee are reviewed at least annually.

View copies of Innlanz’s policies/charters:

*   Board Charter
*   Code of conduct
*   Continuous Disclosure Policy
*   Diversity Policy
*   Securities Trading Policy
*   Shareholder Communication Policy
*   Whistleblower Policy
*   Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
*   Marked up INL constitution 2022


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